Solitary Islands Underwater Research Group (SURG)
Logo redesign and brand identity for a not-for-profit group of volunteers comprised of underwater naturalists, photographers and scuba divers. The group's research provides habitat information and other data which may be used for the ongoing management of the Solitary Islands Marine Park in New South Wales, Australia.
The brief for the redesign of this logo was straightforward: to create a contemporary update, preferably using the main elements of the original logo (diver, coral and magnifying glass), in the same pictorial style. The stylised graphics use shades of each colour in the palette to create a three-dimensional aesthetic. They are largely contained within a shield, a symbol which is common to logos in the tertiary education sector, thus providing a clear link to the research focus of the group.
Logo redesign / Visual brand identity / Print collateral / Digital collateral / Customised graphics / Infographics / Signage / Apparel
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