Enrich and Connect
Rebrand for a company producing handcrafted gifts that nurture and nourish the body and mind.
The original logo, which I also designed, was a combination of the existing text and a mandala. Other graphic elements worked alongside the logo to create a more intricate visual identity. When the client narrowed down her focus for the business a few years later, we elected to pare everything back to let the beautiful fabrics of the products really shine. This involved adopting a wordmark (or text-only) logo, along with a muted and simple colour palette.
One aspect I enjoy about working with small businesses is helping my clients to utilise the logo, style guide and design elements I create so that they can then produce their own marketing collateral if they choose. With some advice and guidance, this client designed and produced her own business cards, product labels and swing tags.
Logo design / Visual brand identity
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